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My fault

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A few days ago, I made a comment on a thread about I how like to punch Paul Feig for his actions over Ghostbusters. This comment helped sparked a huge discussion, during which I made more insensitive comments and ignored all the actual sexism that was hurled at the movie. I thought I was the one in the right, but upon a lot of self-reflection and thinking it over, I realized I was the one who was being stupid and ignorant. I let my anger cloud my better judgement and I ignored all the actual sexism that has been hurled at Ghostbusters, such as Leslie Jones' being abused on Twitter, and I came off like a complete sexist, and for that, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being such an ass over Feig and Ghostbusters. I was the one who was wrong.

I don't expect anyone who's mad at me over this to forgive me for what I said, nor am I asking for it. I just wanted to give an honest apology over what my stupid mistake.

And because of this, I'm going to be taking a short break. I think that what will be best for everyone is if I just leave for a little while. I'm not sure when I'll be back.

See you guys around.


  1. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Dude, this kind of stuff happens all the time. People are going to forget about it in a couple days. I really enjoy your posts and don't want you to leave.
  2. Egg's Avatar
    I forgive you, AlphaOmega. Don't think you need to leave, even for a short while.
  3. pilcrow's Avatar
    Good on ya for owning up to it. wouldn't say you need to take any prolonged board absence for a relatively minor scuffle but that's up to you.
  4. Rembrandt Q. Einstein's Avatar
    Come back.
  5. tyler's Avatar
    Gonna agre w pey and say bravo for actually reflecting and gathering some self awareness about the situation.

    what you do is your own business but the ugliest parts of that thread aren't even you despite you being the springboard via some admitted ignorance. thanks for takin responsibility and not lashing out at the board for bein TOXIC, much respect for that. seeya around.
  6. pilcrow's Avatar
    yeah this is feeling all the more refreshing after yet another argument on the wall earlier today with someone who still adamantly denied being at fault. I'm guessing at least two people in the comments section are just praising you on your Simpsons posts but we should chat more, whether it's Simps or other stuff. you seem Cool
  7. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pkkao
    I'm guessing at least two people in the comments section are just praising you on your Simpsons posts but we should chat more, whether it's Simps or other stuff. you seem Cool
    Oh no, you're not getting him out of the Simpsons section that easily. You have no desire to talk about The Simpsons with him and you know it.
  8. tyler's Avatar

    alphaomega pop into tc more often. you can simps too! you don't have to choose :^)
  9. pilcrow's Avatar
    I'm fine talking Simps with him if the topic comes up? don't do this to me Panth
  10. Egg's Avatar
    I think you're a great user, with excellent in-depth Simpsons reviews, and don't think it's worth leaving over a minor scuffle. Don't make the same mistake @Johnny Deformed did.
  11. pilcrow's Avatar
    RIP N
  12. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
  13. BlueRibbonCommittee's Avatar
    Hey, it's not your fault. I mean, I kinda defended you, and you are partially right. It's not worth getting into now, but I really enjoy reading your write-ups and hope you don't stay gone too long.

    I also hope you don't leave the Simpsons section.
  14. Jerkass Homer's Avatar
    I donīt know exactly what happened but it sounds like you had a bit of a fight with a few members which i have had before. I remember a couple of times where i got upset over something in a thread and then i would have a outburst at a few members because of it and i kinda had the same feeling as you after it but i got over it after a couple of days and everyone had forgotten about it by that time and this should not be any different so you donīt need to leave just because of this, but taking a short break to do other things dosenīt hurt.
  15. Sam's Avatar
    man you need to take a mental note to stop taking this board so seriously if you have to reflect on your choices
  16. tyler's Avatar
  17. AlphaOmega's Avatar
    Huh. Didn't think I get these many comments.
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