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Dogs On Streetview From Every Country #14: Lesotho

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Wow! After a long abscence (NOT cancellation as our rivals would have you believe) DOSFEC is finally BACK with the help of our lovely viewers. Namely @,The Egg Council Creep and @ Financila Panther. Thanks dudes

Oh, but no time for any major celebration. We need to get right into what we're all here for. The dogs.

Gosh, would you look at that pup? Just absolutely beautiful!

Let's see if I still remember how to zoom and enhance after a long break.

Amaz-..what?...okay hold on. I'm getting word that there is ANOTHER dog just down the street. Do we have an image of it?

Well would you look at that! We do! And what an amazi-...wait seriously? Well folks, I don't believe it myself but it seems we have a third dang dog on this street!!!!!

Amazing!! Three dogs on the same property! What a way to get back in the business! Whose series "sucks shit" now Harvin?!


  1. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    Oh, and be sure to send in any dogs you may find on Streetview to be featured at the end of an upcoming episode.
  2. pilcrow's Avatar
    this is NOT a dog I want my money back
  3. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    If you look in the background you will see a pack of hungry dogs. Please refrain from attempting to "troll" our award nominated blog series again.
  4. Sam's Avatar
    i dunno i just cant trust you anymore after GoatGate
  5. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    Bring that incident up one more time and you will be barred from viewing/commenting on any future installments of Dogs On Streetview From Every Country
  6. pax's Avatar
    best series ever
  7. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    Thank you for your kind words, @ general pax
  8. tyler's Avatar
    these are some Hot Dogs