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Than Wyenn Memorial Productions

return to mayberry

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  1. Sam's Avatar
    no it isnt
  2. The Goode Family's Avatar
    uve just ensured a premature death
  3. tyler's Avatar
    im gonna watch return to mayberry
  4. tyler's Avatar
    nice little jaunty tune to open us up, just a still shot of an old timey Boxey lookin car on a nice mornin' drive
  5. tyler's Avatar
    wow ron howard is in this! wasn't expecting such a star-studded affair
  6. tyler's Avatar
    some distinguished fellow with Definitely Real Hair arises from the boxy car
  7. tyler's Avatar
    the scene would suggest he is feeling a warm sense of fond nostalgia but it reads like a mildly inconvenient bout of constipation has just struck
  8. tyler's Avatar
    the andy griffith show intro then literally plays, perhaps to remind the poor old folks watching this what they were watching lest their disastrous elderly brains fizzle the short term memory away
  9. tyler's Avatar
    oh is this ohio

    i was never informed this was ohio

    ohio looks like shit
  10. tyler's Avatar
    just alot more driving, and some music but then no music but then still more driving which is good enjoyable necessary stuff to see
  11. tyler's Avatar
    givin this a few bonus points rn for the composers name bein EARLE with that fuckin excellent silent e
  12. tyler's Avatar
    i am reminded by these delightful goofballs at this car repair shop why i never watched the andy griffith show
  13. tyler's Avatar
    double-double doggone