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That One Faggot

rip vintage pax

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died during smilings weed fueled rampage


  1. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    He was a real trooper. Sacrificing his boarding life just for the better of this board.
  2. comeau's Avatar
    rip pax miss ya buddy.

    still just completely baffled by the whole situation, really failing to see how it's insulting to ryan to say "rip, he died from smoking too much weed". it's a joke because of his coincidental decision to quit the board on april 20th, aka 4/20. it's super innocuous and was not done in any ill will; i actually like ryan and would like him to come back. i have said many insulting things to many different people without so much as a warning, yet that's what warrants me an infraction? have been incredibly rude to members like egg council creep and buymycereal, have said some of the meanest things i've ever said to any one on the internet to bomberswarm and idiotdetector, shit not even an hour after my infract for being insulting i said "fuck you" directly to noodlesoup(mostly as a test to see what warrants an infract and what doesn't; guess what my test was proven when i didn't get anything for it), yet what gets me is something i didn't even purposefully mean to be insulting? simply don't understand it.

    never mind the fact that this has been going on for months as a running joke and no one give a damn until tonite when all the sudden its a big no no.
  3. comeau's Avatar
    don't even care about the infraction, whatever i'll keep it and own up to it(in the end it really doesn't matter), but the simply inconsistent moderation has been and continues to be a major problem with the current board.
  4. Smiling Politely's Avatar
    Just going to copy and paste what I said in the other one:

    He got the same infractions as everyone else, his just happened to amount to a ban.

    And if you take issue with something that someone has said, REPORT IT. Or message a mod. Mods can't see everything that happens and can't be everywhere at once. If we don't know about it, we can't do something about it.

    If you don't understand why it is wrong to use someone's real name and real pictures to mock them and act like they are dead, you need to re-evaluate your life decisions.
  5. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    "Mock them"? Geez you really don't get it, do you?