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TC treasurebox #5

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bennettdavlin = OSS of course
[12:59 AM] bennettdavlin:
[12:59 AM] bennettdavlin: Here's the "news report"
[1:00 AM] torm: that video didnt work
[1:00 AM] bennettdavlin: Okay, maybe the I near the end is actually an l
[1:00 AM] bennettdavlin: Damn similar letters!
[1:01 AM] torm: did u type it from memory
[1:01 AM] bennettdavlin: I meant maybe I (Eye) is actually an l (Ell)
[1:01 AM] bennettdavlin: There, that should help
[1:01 AM] bennettdavlin: No, I looked up on YouTube
[1:01 AM] bennettdavlin: and typed out
[1:02 AM] torm: huh
[1:02 AM] bennettdavlin: If it still doesn't work, just search for "Inform Overload girl falls off cliff"
[1:02 AM] bennettdavlin: First result
[1:03 AM] mutilatedlips: oss
[1:03 AM] mutilatedlips: do u
[1:03 AM] mutilatedlips: do u not know how to copy > paste
[1:03 AM] bennettdavlin: I've tried GAZILLIONS of times
[1:03 AM] bennettdavlin: It *never* works
[1:04 AM] bennettdavlin: And I *do* know how it's done
[1:04 AM] mutilatedlips: Ok
[1:04 AM] mutilatedlips: And how is it done
[1:04 AM] bennettdavlin: You copy, then press Z to paste
[1:05 AM] mutilatedlips: hm
[1:05 AM] mutilatedlips: no
[1:05 AM] bennettdavlin: Then it's C
[1:05 AM] torm: what
[1:05 AM] mutilatedlips: im dyin
[1:05 AM] bennettdavlin: I mean that if it's not Z, then I guess it's C!
[1:05 AM] torm: ctrl-V?
[1:05 AM] mutilatedlips: hooboy
[1:05 AM] torm: is it not ctrl-v in sweden
[1:06 AM] bennettdavlin:
[1:06 AM] bennettdavlin: Oh damn
[1:06 AM] torm: ahahaha
[1:06 AM] mutilatedlips: omfg
[1:06 AM] bennettdavlin: After all this time
[1:06 AM] mutilatedlips: I cant actually even handle this
[1:06 AM] mutilatedlips: im gonna pass out
[1:06 AM] torm: time for another blog
[1:06 AM] bennettdavlin: Funny thing is, I think I've actually even tried this before
[1:06 AM] bennettdavlin: and it still didn't work
[1:07 AM] torm: what
[1:07 AM] mutilatedlips: glad u found closure on this matter


  1. bias's Avatar
    what the hell
    ctrl z is undo isn't it
    haha how many times has oss accidentally deleted something when he just wanted to paste
  2. tyler's Avatar
    I am nigh certain he meant Just Press Z

    fucked if I know where he learned that but ctrl didnt come into his equation.
  3. bias's Avatar
    hahah that's even better
    entire essays filled with zzzzzzzzzz
  4. pilcrow's Avatar
    aww I hate missing classics
  5. Rembrandt Q. Einstein's Avatar
    @OldSchoolerSimpsons, where do you get all these obscure names?
  6. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    From the movies I watch.