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To The Apologist of NHC

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What do you want from me? Why are you obsessing over me? Do you want to live with me, do you want to suck my dick or do you just want that cookie that's in my pocket? Why are you stalking me?


  1. skully the poltergeist's Avatar
    all of the above
  2. skully the poltergeist's Avatar
    cookie sounds especially enticing
  3. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    OK then, here's your cookie. You can't have my dick though since it's in a chastity belt and you can't live with me because the landlord doesn't allow Scully Apologists. Even former ones.
  4. Telso's Avatar
    People want ur dick, just learn to deal with this
  5. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    OK but my dick policy is: You can't have my dick unless you're a chick.

    Or if you're Justin Trudeau. Hell, I'd even suck his dick if he asked me to.