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im going to review click


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  1. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    ok we start with this trippy introduction for revolution which is kinda cool tbh
  2. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    and then we get the happy madison bumper that we all love so much
  3. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    wait who are you again
  4. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    we see adam sandler sleeping on a couch with the tv left on and a dog sleeping on his feet so i'm assuming he is poor or something
  5. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    nevermind, he has kids apparently
  6. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    we see a box of twinkies in the background because advertising
  7. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    and now the kids are trying to steal said twinkies, so i guess the advertising is part of the plot now
  8. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    unfortunately, adam sandler is very sensitive about his twinkies, so funny, lol
  9. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    "we thought you were sleeping daddy" one of the best lines in the history of cinema
  10. Platypus's Avatar
    auto 0 stars, movie is a rip off of a goosebumps episode
  11. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    adam sandler can't figure out which controller turn on the tv! oh, how absurd!
  12. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    and now we get some shameless advertising for dragon tales, or whatever the fuck that show is called. great.
  13. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    and it also comes with a fart joke, because this is happy madison!
  14. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    also apparently adam sandler promised to build his kids a treehouse, but he never got around to it, so i'm assuming he's just a lazy ass
  15. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    oh, he's just busy with work. nevermind then.
  16. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    and now the dog is humping a stuffed duck. boy, this story is captivating already!
  17. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    and adam sandler is apparently named michael, but don't expect me to call him that throughout the review.
  18. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    now we have this little shit, and he just called adam sandler's car a piece of shit. what a likable character.
  19. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    "HIS FATHER'S STEREO BLOWS WHEEEEE" definitely going to reference that whenever i can
  20. postalelf's Avatar
    Do you like Tacos. The only good thing about the Film is that the man who voices Marge plays Adam Sandlers' pervy dad.
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