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Financial Panther

The wall is destroying the forum

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All folks, we need to talk. Gather 'round. Everyone here? Good.

The use of the wall to discuss board activity has become an epidemic around here, and it needs to stop. Many things being posted on the wall could be posted in the threads the posts are referring to, or they could be put in the Lounge. Earlier today, there was some Simpsons chat on the wall that just a couple months ago would have been posted in the Hurt & Heal thread, thus allowing more members to see it and possibly create a discussion. What especially disgusts me is people who praise the lack of posts and applaud the fact that the site is nearing a certain amount of time without posts. That is not the way to healthily contribute to a forum.

Now, some have said that they like that their posts disappear on the wall. That just goes to show that people are willing to settle for low-effort posts that require no thought instead of thinking and making a solid contribution to a thread.

Finally, excessive wall posting ruins what the wall was originally for, which was seeing new posts as they come up and potentially replying to them in the threads. Posting responses on the wall does nothing to further the board's originality and creativity.

But in the end, I can't do anything about this. It's up to all of you to decide whether you want a vibrant, bustling, thought-provoking forum, or one full of Mazamaxe posts for you to roll your eyes at.


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  1. Johnny Deformed's Avatar
    what are you gonna do, infract us?
  2. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    fuck you panther, we enjoy the wall whether you like it or not
  3. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    nah walls good
  4. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Well, I tried. What's for supper?
  5. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    what is that a reference to
  6. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Mother Simpson.

    Or was that sarcasm?
  7. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    gonna check out this mother simpson show sometime
  8. comeau's Avatar
    i thought tinychat was destroying this forum
  9. comeau's Avatar
    also makes blog decrying wall, advertises said blog on wall.
  10. Egg's Avatar
    Also to note is the rapid decline of the userbase, there were 600 active users some time ago, about a month ago, there were only aroud 475, and now just 440. Lots of once regular posters, such as @walid and @Ryan have left. If this continues, this board will be dead within a year or two. I'll make a separate blog post about this.

    I agree with the wall part. From now on, i'll only post things in the threads.
  11. comeau's Avatar
    you know most of those "users" are guests right
  12. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    ryan will always be with us

    in spirit
  13. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by super nintendo chalmers
    i thought tinychat was destroying this forum
    Tinychat has a place. People usually don't just respond to specific posts in there. Although the board, or at least the Lounge, was definitely more active before TC.
  14. postalelf's Avatar
    In trying my hardest guys. The Main reason I started the Groundskeeper Willie thread was because I had become so desperate. I've been coming into NoHomers for years now but only decided to make an account when other people's input was deminishing so fast that it became boring and in the last year it's just been falling apart. I'm trying to get some creativity flowing because right now, every other thread is basically "what's you favourite X" etc. And Simpsons fans deserve better.
  15. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    nobody cares @postalelf
  16. pilcrow's Avatar
    Well you're right - the wall is a great place to put low effort posts and have a casual conversation akin to TC or the chatbox (RIP). It shouldn't matter where good conversations happen as long as they're happening
  17. pilcrow's Avatar
    Like, I'm sure no one wants to see BMC talk to himself in the lounge or five people going "ugh mazamaxe" in every game thread. I guess it's up to the board to decide if wall posts should be thread worthy, but by panther's definition of "original, creative, and thoughtful," wall posts in the forum would just get called out anyway.
    Updated 05-30-2016 at 04:41 AM by pilcrow
  18. pilcrow's Avatar
    It's funny that you didn't bring this up until a brief Simpsons chat happened though. Because besides that, there hasn't been Simpsons chat on the wall in weeks. If anything, I reckon moving wall chat to the forum would increase activity in off topic and cause Simpsons posts that some of us only noticed on the wall to get ignored.
  19. pilcrow's Avatar
    And re: egg's point that the forum has lost active members (which has always been inaccurate by the way - no way we have 500+ "active members") activity has definitely decreased, but TC has gotten more active as a result. Pretty sure it's always been like this, too - as forum activity decreases, TC activity increases, and vice versa. As a member of both I can't say the shift to the wall/TC has affected me - it's still Goodchat with Goodpeople. I don't really know how to improve the forum (which is pretty healthy right now anyway), but casual conversations on the board are best in megathreads and I wish we had more of those.

    I'm not sure where I'm going with this?? I found a free wifi spot and I'm bored.
  20. The Goode Family's Avatar
    wtf are you doing out and about at 5 AM
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