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  1. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Squid
    Stop being such a squid baby.
  2. Mr. Teenie's Avatar
  3. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    squid dun got burned
  4. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    also, the fact that handsome got banned because you got your feelings hurt is fucking pathetic, squid.
  5. tyler's Avatar
    folks I have received a correspondence from the Controversial Figure in the middle of all of this and he has requested I relay it to THIS VERY bloghole. I am but a humble servant, dont shoot the messenger :^)

    here is handys response to @Captain Squid:

    " handsome knew what he was doing, he knew he was trying to unsettle me through PMs using information only shared in the staff section"

    yeah no shut up dude. dont speak for me, because this simply isnt the case. it was meant to be a playful little pm directed at you for makin rude comments about me! before i sent that i legitimately had no idea where it was from. i was given the info secondhand by a few folks in tinychat with no context. it wasn't meant to fuckin assert my dominance or scare/harrass you or some shit, i was just trying to make you laugh. there was literally no malice intended and the pm features a stunning number of Zero insults. so unless you thought the joke was so unfunny it was banworthy, man up and admit to your mistakes, because you guys are clearly in the wrong here
  6. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    @Steve just sent me this:

    Dear Evil Monkey,

    You have received an infraction at NoHomers.

    Reason: Flaming

    also, the fact that handsome got banned because you got your feelings hurt is fucking pathetic, squid. Not cool at all. Don't be childish.

    This infraction is worth 10 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

    All the best,

    The No Homers Club Team

    proof that the mods are fucking sensitive
  7. friendswithsalad's Avatar
    damn, you got us
  8. comeau's Avatar
    hamm stop bein so sensitive
  9. tyler's Avatar
    classic mod krew
  10. friendswithsalad's Avatar
    please stop offending me for i am quite sensitive
  11. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    Well yes, you are.
  12. The Spruce Moose's Avatar
    I have a lot of thoughts about this so bear with (or read this TL;DR version which is 'the mods are in the wrong but people need to calm down')

    I understand why the mods would be mad at handsome. He's done a few things in the past that play with the acceptable line between banter and taking things too far when drama flares up, and for a person of authority who has to look after everyone on the board yeah that'd be annoying. Add to that the growth of the TC krew ( you guys still but I imagine it'd be tiring moderating when we have a drama flare up). I hate to say it, but sometimes you guys come do come off as if you think you're invulnerable when walking that line, going after boarders and not letting things go. (The fact that Captain Squid seems to barely board these days or get involved in these arguments and that more than the TC krew think this ban was stupid does moot this point a bit though).

    This wasn't a reason to be mad at handsome. This is a silly joke email. Yes, it alluded to information from the mod cave, but that shouldn't be enough to make it threatening when there's barely a hint of malice in there. Maybe Jims has a point about knowing your audience because going after Squid wouldn't help his cause, but it's still petty to ban someone for something like this. You all know I hate certain ex-boarders, but still if one of them sent a PM like that to me I like to think i'd roll my eyes, maybe just call them unfunny or whatever and leave it at that.

    The reaction to the ban didn't help. Again, I know there was very little actual malice towards the mod team in the thread and TC. But when someone's just been banned for an innocent joke targeted at a mod, making a series of silly jokes targeted at the same mob is a dumb strategy. Again, the problem certain mods have with some of the popular boarders on here is that in their eyes they can target users and remain immune. Don't do exactly that thing and then go 'oh, well this ban was dumb because that's really not the problem here and people overreacted'. You're in the right, but you've got to make sure everyone knows that if you're going to actually accomplish shit.

    I still think handy should be unbanned. This could've been handled better, but at the end of a day it all resulted from a cock up by the mod team. Bridges need to be built here to stop the next mod intervention ending quite so acrimoniously. Mistakes were made, admit to them, rectify them and use them as an experience. Next time anything like this happens you'll know what's expected from the mod team and how to deal with it before it descends into full blown drama. Mods are there to implement board rules in a way that keeps the community content, strong and interesting, not to chase a vendetta. Re-instating handy will buy you some good faith, and the optimist in me thinks we can use that to have a talk about why these kind of divisions even happen in the first place.

    Well that was long, boring and pointless but those are my thoughts. Will probably duck out now unless anyone wants to specifically argue with me.
  13. tyler's Avatar
    ugh moose stop saying tc krew

    there is no fucking crew the room is literally open to everyone and ive never jettisoned someone from the room for personal distaste nor allowed the mods to do likewise.

    its not our fault the mods dont tc and yet think they know our every intention. its really frustrating to be projected as such. I care a stupid amount about this place and only criticize when I think its deserved, I dont think of tc as a secret club, and if you do your ignorance is yours alone to blame.

    (This is aimed at everyone who condemns tc not just you moose. yr post was otherwise harsh but fair :^) )
  14. tyler's Avatar
    also obv kupo is an exception to mods not tcing, not a coincidence shes consistently the most level-headed about all this methinks
  15. The Spruce Moose's Avatar
    I'm not saying people are excluded from TC because that'd be a barefaced lie, but there's a core group in there almost every time we get a session going who do largely match the attributes I described. I personally usually don't mind when you go after boarders because 90% of the time either the boarder deserved to be pulled up for their comments or it's just funny to see the comment, but mods have to deal with every boarder here not just the notable ones and have to sort things out for people who think you go too far. All i'm saying is that it makes sense that they'd be more annoyed than most by board drama. Handy's ban remains stupid though.
  16. The Spruce Moose's Avatar
    Also @steamed_hamms start posting regularly again, miss you bud (just not about this pls)
  17. friendswithsalad's Avatar
    haha, i have no strong opinion on this because i don't know what is going on so i'm not going to post about it!!! i just like the mods.

    generally though, i'll post more when i have more to say
  18. kupomog's Avatar
    I obviously never should've said what I did in TC. It was a private mod forum comment anyway and Squid didn't even say much more than that at the time and himself had very little to do with this ban initially. It is 150% distressing that this is the outcome. Rethinking a lot of things right now. If anyone is to blame, it is me for allowing ANY of this to even happen.
  19. Insomnia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Spruce Moose
    I'm not saying people are excluded from TC because that'd be a barefaced lie, but there's a core group in there almost every time we get a session going
    the nhc users who actually contribute to the board all generally frequent tc. The ones who don't usually happen to be users who don't contribute anything or barely post at all or solely post in the Simpsons section, so obviously those users wouldn't even want to discuss things other then the Simps as they rarely ever venture out into the off topic sections to begin with. Not really fare to label so many people as some sort of hivemind imo.
  20. tyler's Avatar
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