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That One Faggot


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  1. Bart's treehouse's Avatar
    Judge the relationship and hope one of them isn't a mod
  2. pilcrow's Avatar
    So you assessed that the mods like squid and they don't like hand and you sided with squid. Right.
  3. The Spruce Moose's Avatar
    I don't buy it. Know your audience sure, be more careful around people you're more likely to offend, yeah. But there's no good reason to infract over a joke as soft as that one still, I don't even really see anything that qualifies as an insult?
  4. Insomnia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pkkao
    So you assessed that the mods like squid and they don't like hand and you sided with squid. Right.
    lol you assume the other mods made a decision. otherwise this prolly wound't have happened as they would have seen how stupid squid was being (although dh doesn't really like handy i think) also didn't kupo know about all of this? pretty sure she would set this straight about handy knowing of the "cave" comment, unless maybe she was just away at the time.
  5. Grifty McGrift's Avatar
    Nice. Waking up to some good ol' NHC drama.
  6. Egg's Avatar

    One of my favorite users on the site, and one of the most active. He doesn't deserve to be banned just for one PM!
  7. Johnny Deformed's Avatar
    the mods are abusing their powers big time
  8. jim's Avatar
    I'm also suitability outraged grggggg
  9. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    Handy being banned for one little post is immensely overreactive tbh.
  10. BloodySimpsonChibi's Avatar
    It's pretty damn ironic: The last time Handy was banned, I wanted him to stay banned. But now that I have that truce with him and a few others, I hope he comes back soon.
  11. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    shit man thats really ironic
  12. Evil Monkey's Avatar
  13. pilcrow's Avatar
  14. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    i don't really consider what jims said as a truce as much as "i think handsome deserved to be banned and everyone should agree with me"
  15. BloodySimpsonChibi's Avatar
    No. A truce with me! Not Jims.
  16. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    oh ok
  17. pax's Avatar
  18. Captain Squid's Avatar
    I was away from the forums for a large part of the weekend, so while some of you were panicking, blaming me and insulting me I was completely unaware of it. Having logged back in Sunday night and seeing the threads and this blog post, I have to say that the amount of vitriol directed and me and the situation is incredibly overblown and unneeded.

    First off, I was not going to stay silent and ignore handsome's PMs. He was directly referencing comments made in the staff forums, which concerned me as I did not know how he had access to what was said in that forum. I contacted the admins because of this concern. I also did not appreciate him using this information, regardless of how he obtained it, as a way to thumb his nose at me following a forum argument that was seemingly put to rest. handsome knew what he was doing, he knew he was trying to unsettle me through PMs using information only shared in the staff section.

    I've seen him do such things in the past. An admin or mod will tell him or others to stop doing something, and he finds a way to perpetuate things either through subtle digs in other threads or in this case a PM.

    The two week ban was given after all admins and mods conferred. I played no part in locking threads or handing out bans.

    I'd ask for the insults directed at me to stop, and I do not wish to receive any more PMs or visitor messages attacking or insulting me over this situation. What is done is done.
  19. Bart's treehouse's Avatar
    So you just want your staff space to make digs at him but get scared when he finds out??? Fucking laughably pathetic. He literally only got banned because you're still a mod for some reason. Try an spin it however you want about handy's past but it's just because you're a mod who got his feelings hurt.
  20. Ben Dewison's Avatar
    Strawman logic is always the easiest to knock down :-). That's a general comment that's not aimed at anyone in particular by the way. I wanted to avoid the discussion altogether, because in such a heated discussion some meaning will be lost amidst the gossip, but it really interests me how everyone immediately knows why someone was banned. Is that intended to be the case?
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