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  1. pilcrow's Avatar
    yknow I really love when mods make an argument and then instantly lock the thread so no one can respond to their post
  2. pax's Avatar
    i agree. mod abuse. literally a joke pm. fuckin overreactions as usual
  3. comeau's Avatar
    brb gonna send a troll pm to a mod, hope i don't get BANNED!!!! ZOMG!!!
  4. pilcrow's Avatar
    yknow I also really love when handy sends a joke PM and gets called "stupid" and "brazen" because apparently we're not allowed to make jokes on this forum anymore
  5. tyler's Avatar
    more like ASSTAIN SQUID

    hey no thums here so u get the b-material
  6. pilcrow's Avatar
    gonna report the worst ones

    and probably get banned for Joke Reporting
  7. Insomnia's Avatar
    i know he's unbanned in like a week but it's the principle a mod should not be able to ban someone for something this fucking petty. squid is such a child and is only doing this due to a pre disposition against handy and we all know that. and i believe he's done shit like this before
  8. pax's Avatar
    it's come down to "we got the power so we do what we want, deal with it"
  9. tyler's Avatar
    handy is a victim of intense bias and anyone arguing this would fooling themselves

    the mods turned a blind eye to a blatant racist making consecutive tirades and legitimate hate speech for WEEKS before doing something and at that point he was basicly begging for it

    handy made

    a joke pm

    WOW slap him in th brig forever cuz uhhhhhhh ???
  10. tyler's Avatar
    fuck anyone defending this

    im not saying this cuz TINYCHAT KREW

    Im saying this because its fuckin ridiculous and unprompted
  11. pilcrow's Avatar
    yeah mods need to stop dismissing any argument from our end as LOL TC KREW. Okay so we disagree with some mod decisions but we're users as much as anyone else and I don't see why any opinion we make just gets thread locked.
  12. tyler's Avatar
    mods are totally a krew who defend each other too.

    like the mods clearly only attend to a situation that bothers THEM, hence xaivs long survival vs. Handys swift execution for pickin on squid.
  13. pilcrow's Avatar
    lol it's a joke PM, not harassment
  14. comeau's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jims
    Oh, and another thing.


    This is literally the same pattern of bullshit that is pulled over and over and over again on this forum. Where immediately everyone just has to jump on the person being harrassed instead of COMING TO THE CONCLUSION THAT SANE, NORMAL PEOPLE WOULD OF, "HEY, MAYBE WE SHOULD JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE." But no. It's more fun to circle the wagons and blame that person because, in essence, we're the "good boarders" that should be allowed to do what we want. We're the aristocracy. People can't be left alone in peace. THEY HAVE TO HAVE SNARKY PMs SENT TO THEM INSTEAD. Handy knew what he was doing, and no one on this board is that stupid or that naive to not understand what handy thought he was doing.

    It's bullshit. If you don't want to abide by the rules of the NHC, then leave. Just don't visit here any more. This stupid drama cycle needs to stop.
  15. tyler's Avatar
    jims capitalizing HAVING SNARKY PMS SENT TO THEM like its some traumatic event is insane

    who are these fucking lunatics
  16. pilcrow's Avatar
    It's a bit hard to argue against being "the aristocracy" when we ask for necessary actions like banning bomberswarm for flooding the chatbox a few years back or banning Xaiv for hate speech in the politics thread and have to wait weeks for anything to happen DESPITE having legitimately reported both
  17. skully the poltergeist's Avatar
    Absolutely absurd. The mod hierarchy needs a shake up.
  18. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    jims and squid have formed a rein of tyranny, and that rein must END NOW!



  19. Bart's treehouse's Avatar
    Jims always acts like being a mod here is so hard when there's really like 5 things you have to deal with a year.
  20. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    so true
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