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Than Wyenn Memorial Productions

This Is Me

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  1. pax's Avatar
    brilliant stache
  2. goodfella's Avatar
    this is a good parody of those annoying twitter posts people come out with
  3. Sam's Avatar
  4. tyler's Avatar
    ah yes

    Those Annoying Twitter Posts
  5. goodfella's Avatar
    "this is me"

    *inserts webcomic/video underneath*
  6. Sam's Avatar
    thats not a twitter thing
  7. goodfella's Avatar
    no, it's an annoying teenager thing.

    fuck people. pricks
  8. pilcrow's Avatar
    as a fellow person and a teen, I Take Offense To That
  9. tyler's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Black
    "this is me"

    *inserts webcomic/video underneath*

    are you meaning me irl