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Than Wyenn Memorial Productions

Goodbye NHC

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I've decided that I am leaving NHC forever, at least under this name. I am doing this because I know most people are tired of me and everything I do. I will continue to lurk, and I may even return some day; however, it will be under a different username. I have changed my password to random nonsense, so I couldn't get in my old account if I tried.

I know a few people will miss me, and you do mean a lot to me. However, most just hate me; so, goodbye.


  1. The Goode Family's Avatar
    UPDATE: i got eric to reset my password and i'm back
  2. pilcrow's Avatar
    shoulda made a sock to complete the joke
  3. 1010011010's Avatar
    good riddance. handsome/jay wannabe sucked from day one.

    0/10, go fuck yourself.
  4. ataeaf's Avatar

    ...I deserve this.