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@Ben Dewison callout

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who the fuck are you @Ben Dewison
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  1. Ben Dewison's Avatar
    I should ask the same of you to work out what kind of response you're expecting :-). Am I supposed to infer anything from this being in a category about genocide?
  2. Sam's Avatar
    that comment's in english but it doesn't make sense
  3. Ben Dewison's Avatar
    I gave your blog post one out of five. The audience can always have the last laugh :-).
  4. pilcrow's Avatar
    welp handsome your blog is done for now
  5. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    I saved it.
  6. pilcrow's Avatar
  7. Sam's Avatar
    @Ben Dewison ur clowned now bigboy
  8. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    I saved it too. Now your blog has a solid 4/5 rating from the crowd.
    Updated 05-13-2016 at 01:44 AM by OldSchoolerSimpsons
  9. pilcrow's Avatar
    not me though :-)
  10. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    You dink!