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Financial Panther

NHC Mysteries #9: Disappearing capitalization habits

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After a while, some members become more off-topic focused. With this comes a general decline in their personalities and post quality. However, this can also lead to an odd phenomenon where they no longer capitalize any text, even if they did so before. What causes this change in typography? Can one of those who uses it crack this case?


  1. Mr. Teenie's Avatar
    we must do something to solve this lower case epidemic or we'll all be doomed! doomed i tell you!

    *This post is brought to you by the CAPITALISATION committee.
  2. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    needed those thumbs
  3. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    still do actually.

    please smack that thumbs up button whenever u see a toilet dickrocket(c) post :-)
  4. Sam's Avatar
    Literally made a conscious decision to stop using lowercase on here the other day. See: my last few posts. I'm gonna switch to it full-time now thanks to this blog.
  5. pax's Avatar
    not capitalising is becoming an epidemic! whatever will we do about this and not posting about the simpsons anymore?
  6. 1010011010's Avatar
    Because a lot long time members have discussed most of what they had to say about The Simpsons within their first few months or so on the board, and some might've eventually gotten tired of repeated discussions that they spent more time in the other forum sections.

    Don't know how this correlates with a decline in the poster. There's plenty of shit members on both sides of the board, and if anything the majority of veteran posters are much better than they were in their original incarnations.

    Text I only noticed in a few members (handsome, insomnia), and those cases are usually a long time after they faded from the Simps sections. Don't know why this would even matter, but I digress.
  7. Financial Panther's Avatar
    I'm not asking about why people spend more time in the OT section. I know that. I'm specifically asking about the text. And what about pkkao and Pax? They've shifted to lowercase as well.
  8. The Goode Family's Avatar
    i've been going back and forth on the two lately. Whenever I comment on sites like Reddit I use capitalization/punctuation, but for some reason I don't care about it here. I think the loose style of TC has corrupted me.

    I guess lowercase/lack of punctuation can be seen as being more forward/straight-to-the-point/"tell-it-like-it-is"ish, so a user hoping to reinvent themselves as a BULLY or whatever will probably make the switch to seem like the other members of the Crew
  9. Sam's Avatar
    I don't think I've ever just used the Simpsons section. I pretty much only use boards for the members on it . If there weren't people on here I liked I'd be gone a long time ago, which is why I hope a successful spin-off board will happen eventually. Wishful thinking, though.

    Lowercase just feels right to me, warm kinda. I've always gravitated towards it and I think it has a charming simplicity that makes posts easier on the eyes. That's just me though, and I'm changin' it up for a while because of the people you mentioned. I can accept folks changing, I used to post like this in like 2012, but it seems awfully convenient and at the same times their attitudes started to adjust. It's never really on my mind until it's brought up, though. Hardly bothers me when people write in a way different than me, and I'm sure those guys adapted it just subconsciously. I don't SCOFF at posts that are formatted like this, and you should do the same to the non-capitalizing scum.
    Updated 03-17-2016 at 03:21 PM by Sam
  10. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Oh, I don't SCOFF at them ether. It's just something I've wondered.
  11. pax's Avatar
    i just do it to be a little more casual. also, i was tired of entering my name as gENERAL pAX or vINTAGE in the boxes so there's that.
  12. pilcrow's Avatar
    Well you kinda are SCOFFING at us because you just associated lowercase text with less frequent Simpsons posting and "a general decline in their personalities and post quality."
  13. Moon Waffles's Avatar
    i capitalize whenever i feel like i have too.
  14. pilcrow's Avatar
    Besides, I still capitalize text when I'm making serious posts. It's mostly in short joke posts where lowercase comes in handy. Like, I can't imagine a relatively substanceless post such as

    Quote Originally Posted by pkkao View Post
    yessssss Californiaphiles unite
    would have the same impact as

    Quote Originally Posted by pkkao View Post
    Yessssss, Californiaphiles unite.
    I don't fully agree with torm that that many users are doing it to fit in (like a SHEEP), but lowercase posts certainly give off a more casual/relaxed attitude that works pretty well in more jokey posts. Maybe it's just me but it sort of gives off the feeling that you're thinking these jokes up on the spot and getting them out pretty effortlessly (as opposed to mulling over a fully grammatically correct post).
  15. pilcrow's Avatar
    but y'know what I'm probably overthinking this anyway so whatever
  16. Financial Panther's Avatar
    That's actually more or less the reasoning I put in my post when writing about Dark Homer getting a lot of thumbs. I guess the question is why people CHANGED to do that. It seems like they altered their personalities. Like, did they notice that lowercase posts seemed funnier to them and started doing that to earn thumbs?
  17. pilcrow's Avatar
    But it's not like the actual content of the posts (or people's personalities for that matter) changes significantly when people switch from uppercase to lowercase? I liked the way my lowercase jokes read in the chatbox/TC and so I stuck with it on certain forum posts.
  18. tyler's Avatar
    honestly I wavered with both proper grammar and BullySpeakTM for awhile early on and I genuinely feel like the lowercase, low effort proofreading, heavily truncated form of posting suits my actual personality better.

    its not so much a shift in personality as it is personal adjustment based on slowly finding how your posts align with who you are. 2013 Kaos tried to proofread and capitalize but 2013 Kaos isn't really who I am and truth be told it never was.

    I cant speak for anyone else but for myself it was just letting my defenses down and being my real self more confidently, and whoever the real kaos is he isn't too mindful or concerned with the grammatical accuracy of his posts because he doesnt feel its necessary to get a point across and FRANKLY finds it a bit calculated and robotic.
  19. Telso's Avatar
    no its not an epidemic