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Why Did I Thumb This #3

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Technically this could also be an episode of "Why did You Thumb This" due to the ridiculous amount of thumbs it has and even back then there was some controversy with this post and now I can see why. Also since LukeMM95 has recently been called out for being a misogynist and rightfully so I thought I would revisit this little post.

Quote Originally Posted by LukeMM95 View Post
Classic double standards crap. If this was the other way round, the guy taking the picture would be labelled as a potential rapist and all the parents would be up in arms over how social media is harming today's youth. But because it was an "innocent" teenage girl crushing over someone she doesn't even know, it's apparently okay to take his picture and post it online without the guy's consent.
Dear God, I really regret thumbing this post up and I don't agree with it anymore. I mean besides the stupid shit he said about Donald Trump and making a very tasteless joke about The Boy in Striped Pajamas being funnier than the trailer for the female Ghostbusters movie, I really don't know why I agreed with his post with it being a double standards issue when it really wasn't. I mean maybe it was a little creepy, but in retrospect it was just some stupid meme that faded away after a month or two and Alex himself was fine with the whole thing, so yeah now I realize that something like this is way different than a guy taking a picture of a woman that he doesn't know.

Yeah, in retrospect the amount of thumbs this post has is undeserved and while I'm not here to speak for the people that gave this post a thumbs up I do want to say that some of these users that thumbed this post were pretty terrible, so I'm probably not much better than those guys. Well at least I've gotten through this series with a post that I'm actually ashamed of thumbing unlike the last one which was apparently a genuinely funny post.

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  1. tyler's Avatar
    not a single surprising thumb tbh, not even 2014 pkkao
  2. Sam's Avatar
    well that thums list reads like a whos who of shit opinions
  3. Sam's Avatar
  4. The Spruce Moose's Avatar
    Rule of thumb: if you're on D'ohmer's side in a political debate, re-evaluate your life.
  5. Sam's Avatar
  6. Sam's Avatar
  7. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    Oh, shit! Didn't realize that I set it to moderate comments.
  8. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    Terrible people? I dunno... Sweet_Potatoes is a pretty good user.

    Also, the case isn't even that bad in retrospect, so I don't really agree with that post anymore. At least I don't want to, considering who made it.
  9. pilcrow's Avatar
    sorry folks
  10. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchoolerSimpsons
    Terrible people? I dunno... Sweet_Potatoes is a pretty good user.
    I never said that she was a bad user or anything. In fact I always liked her presence on here and it's a shame that she disappeared all of a sudden. The users I was specifically referring to were Bort Simsin, Beavis, D'ohmer and Kid Moe.
  11. Ryan's Avatar
    Yeah what is up with that Sweet_Potatoes thumbs? She was alright.

    Hopefully it was ironic, especially considering it's the only female thumbs on there.
  12. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    Unpopular opinion: 2014 pkkao was underrated.