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I can't stop Crying

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yesterday was what would have been my grandfather's 78th birthday and I mentioned on facebook how I miss him, feel bad for not knowing as much about him as I probably could...

my sister posted a link to a 'life story' we did for him that obviously, you know, tells his life story and oh my god as if that wasn't bad enough, my bright self thought "Hey, let's triple your emotional status right now and look up your grandma's life story!" and I've been crying/on the brink of tears ever since.

it seems kind of silly to be so emotional over a birthday but damn it I miss them so much. I've never been able to really talk about my feelings with people; especially over something big like death. but I'm a wreck now. February 24th is going to be a hellacious day because that's the 6 year anniversary of when my grandma... damn it...

what I wouldn't give to hear my grandparents talk one more time...


  1. goodfella's Avatar
    I'm sorry man.

    Hope he led a great life. Happy birthday grandad walid
  2. Rembrandt Q. Einstein's Avatar
    Don't worry man.
  3. ataeaf's Avatar

    It will pass. You will get over it.