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Why Did I Thumb This? #1

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Yes I know that tormented already did this idea, but fuck it I had this idea way before he did. I'm not going to let him steal my thunder, so here is a new series where I look back at some old posts that I gave a thumbs up and I don't know why I did it. This was a post I was reminded of from pkkao's faux subtitles for OSS's stand up (Seriously, I was looking forward to seeing a video with real subtitles of what he was actually saying.) and I checked the thread to see what reaction he got for making that post, but when I saw it I noticed that I was the only one who gave that post a thumbs up.

Quote Originally Posted by OldSchoolerSimpsons View Post
Notification of illness form:
Username: OldSchoolerSimpsons
Reason for absence: Going on a gangrape-party
Length of absence: Till I'm done with all of them
Oh boy, I really gotta explain myself. The crazy thing is that I don't even remember doing that, but if I was to guess then I'll have to go with what I think of this post today. Honestly this post is so ridiculous that it does make me laugh especially with the way he worded it as a gangrape-party which is probably why I gave that post a thumbs up. Still if I happen to like a post that is controversial or one that no one but myself finds funny nowadays, then I just thumb it in my mind instead of being a victim of liking that post that is there for the world to see.

So this is the first episode of the groundbreaking series that I came up with first even though I got the idea from resort_smithers Why Did You Thumb This series. Whether I'll make another one of not is unknown, but for now I just wanted to bring this idea to life.

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    suin both of u
  4. The Goode Family's Avatar
    my statue of limitations eckspired
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    ANOTHER quick bump of my fabulous blog from the top of the section SMH
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    that's it I'm REposting
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    Damn it, you and your reposting blog posts so you can have all the glory.

    OK, I edited out the black text in the quote if that makes you happy.
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    I Mean it's good blog etiquette to give everyone a fair turn at the top. but if you're gonna play dirty and BUMP mine so soon then you have forced my hand
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    Well, fuck you then.
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    u are the worst
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    "Why did I thumb this post?"

    Because you found it funny???? Jesus dude, stop being all angsty that you are the only one who thumbed it up. You made me glad that there was at least one person who thought it was amusing.
  12. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    I wasn't being angsty. This was an idea for a series that I've had ever since resort_smithers was still doing his Why Did You Thumbs This series and since I remembered that particular post, I chose it first. Also not all the posts on here (That is if I choose to continue this series.) will be funny posts.
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    the fuck

    is resort_smithers
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    You, nitwit.
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