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Signing Off

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Well guys, this is it; I'm done. I'm doing this as a blog and not a thread or a post in a thread or anything because I'm not expecting people to actually miss me...

Anyway, it's no secret that I've got a lot of stuff I got to deal with, and I've made a vow that I'm going to deal with them this year. I need to cut off a lot of things, and my frequency time on this site is one of them.

I don't know why it's so entertaining because almost half the time I'm on here, all i do is hit 'new posts' and browse through the forums. So fun right.

Plus I know a lot of you think of me as nothing more but a stoner(which i haven't really helped) and a loser.

Not going to make this overly sentimental or anything because it's really not worth the time, plus I'm expecting people to make jokes or whatever about me leaving, or simply being like "bye" and that's that. So.... see ya guys?


  1. Rembrandt Q. Einstein's Avatar
    For good?
  2. Egg's Avatar
    Why is everyone leaving?
    Anyway, I'll miss you, one of the most active users ever.
    Updated 01-01-2016 at 08:35 AM by Egg
  3. Ryan's Avatar
    why can't anybody just leave without making a big stink
  4. goodfella's Avatar
    hey man, I've sorta kept up to date with your situation, living problems and stuff and I have to say good luck

    gonna miss you around the place, you were always very active in gen discussion, in fact a little too active at times (lol) but if you honestly think that setting yourself a goal to not post on here with help you, then good on you. hope it works and you find yourself a good job and a decent accommodation, and that you get closer with your family and stuff.

    gonna miss you mate
  5. pilcrow's Avatar
    Darn! And Only 3000 Posts Away From Being The Top Poster
  6. Gatorgod's Avatar
    .. What? ..NO!
    With all the flamers and cliques on this board, Your post brighten my day.. I can understand the need to focus on projects and prioritize .. but I'm super busy with multiple tasks as well.. but I always manage a post or two a day.. Maybe its just the holiday blahs getting you down? shake it off and come back.. otay?
  7. Sam's Avatar
    you've made this same post like three times dude! just sayin i'll believe it when i see it
  8. 1010011010's Avatar
    He'll be back...they always come back.
  9. tyler's Avatar
    yeah sorry I dont believe this. seeya later joem
  10. pilcrow's Avatar
    bye @walid