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The locked kid moe thread, and whole paris thread debate

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Now, I understand why the kid moe thread was locked, for obvious reasons, and I'm actually sorry to continue this debate, however I feel it is necessary. There were some real decent posters who I have known for some time in that thread taking nitsy's comments as racist, not only that but accusing him of racism and making snide comments. Quite frankly, I found it quite deplorable from some people. Now I know emotions from a particular few were running high on those following days, but after the whole thing started again the kid moe thread, I felt that maybe some people actually had an axe to grind.

This will probably spark a lot of debate, but it looks to me that once the first accusation of racism came up from a certain member, everyone decided to join the bandwagon and take some piece of moral high ground, which is silly because nitsy did not make a racist comment. I think it was bullying and pathetic that everyone rounded on him after making several innocuos comments. Not to mention that he was abused by squeaky voiced teen first, which was totally unprovoked and out of order. Not only that but then SQT then started to mock him by using his skin colour against him. Then he had the audacity to mock nitsy when he felt victimised his skin colour was used against him. Newsflash- you just shooed away his comments because he was white - you victimised him, not him himself. You can't have it both ways.

The fact that no-one has since said what was racist still speaks volumes. If @Old Painty Can Ned, @turkey gobbler, @Squeaky Voiced Teen, @Turkey pardon, or the spruce moose can actually explain to me what was racist, I'll give your posts a think, otherwise, it was pathetic and this forum at it's worst. Just becuase you have accused someone of something, it doesn't mean it is right.

Oh and thanks for blacklisting me, snowpit and panther for daring to thumbs up "questionable posts", I'm sorry I sided with nitsy instead of the lynch mob.

Yeah, sorry to make such a big thing about it but I don't like posting on a forum that throws around deeply serious accusations and bullies people. For fucks sake- Gatorgod got accused of inciting anti-islamic violence. you know, the guy that thinks he is an alligator? yeah that guy, obviously another member of our nhc white supremisist gang who must be shouted down by the famous race relations vigilantes.


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  1. Nwordpassforsale's Avatar
    Like literally do any reading on the subject at all. You're so stupid it's hard to fathom how you're able to access the Internet.
  2. Nwordpassforsale's Avatar
    okay u got me
  3. Bart's treehouse's Avatar
    How am I backtracking? I think you're confused again. I'm not backtracking I'm just not that into treading ground that already has been gone over multiple times.

    Oh hey, it's that moral saint OSS! How's life man? Still a wiener because no lady will touch you???
  4. Nwordpassforsale's Avatar
    White people tremble in their crocs when someone says they might be racist hahahahahaha.
  5. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Old painty-can Ned
    Still a wiener because no lady will touch you???
    Hmm, let's see.
    I've had two girlfriends.
    I've kissed several times as well.
    I have still not given up on finding someone new.

    Yeah I'm a wiener, all right.
    Hope you have fun humping paint cans.
  6. goodfella's Avatar
    Stop saying it ended when you're still accusing me of racism for thumbing a post and asking what was racist? why do you find so much pleasure in playing with the word racist? Does it make you feel powerful? Oh and sexism now, brilliant, so I'm racist, sexist, probably prejudiced against hungarian frogs as well knowing my bigoted ass. I have not defended kid moe or white once, only defended nitsy.

    And again, never complained that it was hard to be white, this has only come from you and ned you seem intent on continuing your straw man argument where anyone who dares question your posts is automatically bigoted. And btw, I have been respectful to both you and ned and not abused either of you. You have both abused me and honestly it's desperately telling that you still can't defend your stance yet resort to playground insults.

    It's a shame, because I thought you were one of the more rational posters on here, but you have let yourself down badly recently.
  7. Nwordpassforsale's Avatar
    Was wondering when someone was gonna say straw man hahahaha
  8. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    Yeah... "Recently".
  9. Nwordpassforsale's Avatar
    Why do you care so much about what I say? A little telling about how you feel about being a racist hahahaha.
  10. Nwordpassforsale's Avatar
    OSS why don't u leave me another user note about how I'm so mean hahaha
  11. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    This is even worse than the Paris thread.
  12. Bart's treehouse's Avatar
    OSS have you ever said anything remotely close to funny. You try sooooooo hard and it's so fucking pathetic but hey, being pathetic is basically your forte!
  13. goodfella's Avatar
    I said straw man on the last page, referring to ned. You and ned's argument seems to stem entirely from painting me as a white guy who feels victimised for being white. No, I know both you and ned and likely to be the exact same demographic as me, maybe that is why you are so insecure and make up for it by throwing racism accusations at me for press "thumbs up" on some posts. No matter how hard you try SVT, you haven't got close to defending the abuse I have got since posting thus blog.
  14. Bart's treehouse's Avatar
    You were thumbing up a racist post I'm not sure what you can't grasp about this
  15. Nwordpassforsale's Avatar
    I don't understand how I even got dragged into this? I thought the Paris thread was over that. Other people were calling you out, not me. I only came to this blog cause you tagged me in it for some reason. So why is it my job to defend the "abuse" you've recieved?
  16. goodfella's Avatar
    old painty ned, you're a shitty "non person of colour". added to the ignore list. ten years and I've never had to use it. congratulations
  17. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    Eh, screw it
    Updated 11-19-2015 at 02:30 PM by OldSchoolerSimpsons
  18. goodfella's Avatar
    svt, I know you're girlfriends family are Islamic, and thank you for the thumbs up in the france thread, but honestly, it doesn't seem like you actually wanted to explain what was racist, and you still don't because looking back, you realise nothing was said. I was happy to write it off as emotions when you first started throwing around accusations, but now it's just a bit sad. Either put up or shut up. Sorry dude, I know you're a decent guy really, but you seem to proud to actually back down.
  19. Nwordpassforsale's Avatar
    Put up what???? What are you even talking about. Read the fucking thread yourself. If you don't find it racist or whatever I'm not gonna change your mind. It's already set. We all moved on in the thread. Nitsy said PM if you want to continue, I don't so I didnt. OTHER PEOPLE WERE CALLING YOU OUT NOT ME.
  20. Nwordpassforsale's Avatar
    I do however take offence to you denying my heritage cause that's not cool and IS racist. I'm a card carrying member of the Secwepemc Nation and Skeetchestn tribe. Last name of my Grandma is Jules if you want to look it up (mine isn't since my mom was adopted as a kid). I'm also Jewish on my dads side but I don't practice it.
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