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The locked kid moe thread, and whole paris thread debate

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Now, I understand why the kid moe thread was locked, for obvious reasons, and I'm actually sorry to continue this debate, however I feel it is necessary. There were some real decent posters who I have known for some time in that thread taking nitsy's comments as racist, not only that but accusing him of racism and making snide comments. Quite frankly, I found it quite deplorable from some people. Now I know emotions from a particular few were running high on those following days, but after the whole thing started again the kid moe thread, I felt that maybe some people actually had an axe to grind.

This will probably spark a lot of debate, but it looks to me that once the first accusation of racism came up from a certain member, everyone decided to join the bandwagon and take some piece of moral high ground, which is silly because nitsy did not make a racist comment. I think it was bullying and pathetic that everyone rounded on him after making several innocuos comments. Not to mention that he was abused by squeaky voiced teen first, which was totally unprovoked and out of order. Not only that but then SQT then started to mock him by using his skin colour against him. Then he had the audacity to mock nitsy when he felt victimised his skin colour was used against him. Newsflash- you just shooed away his comments because he was white - you victimised him, not him himself. You can't have it both ways.

The fact that no-one has since said what was racist still speaks volumes. If @Old Painty Can Ned, @turkey gobbler, @Squeaky Voiced Teen, @Turkey pardon, or the spruce moose can actually explain to me what was racist, I'll give your posts a think, otherwise, it was pathetic and this forum at it's worst. Just becuase you have accused someone of something, it doesn't mean it is right.

Oh and thanks for blacklisting me, snowpit and panther for daring to thumbs up "questionable posts", I'm sorry I sided with nitsy instead of the lynch mob.

Yeah, sorry to make such a big thing about it but I don't like posting on a forum that throws around deeply serious accusations and bullies people. For fucks sake- Gatorgod got accused of inciting anti-islamic violence. you know, the guy that thinks he is an alligator? yeah that guy, obviously another member of our nhc white supremisist gang who must be shouted down by the famous race relations vigilantes.


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  1. The Spruce Moose's Avatar
    I'm not entirely sure about the racism but y'know based on what I know about SVT ad Ned they'll know more about subtler racism than me sooooo
  2. goodfella's Avatar
    explain what nitsy said that was racist, or what I said. It's that simple, I've read the thread so please educate me. You keep saying you moved on yet you have abused me and so has your little buddy.

    If you're talking about page 3 of the thread, it was deadname you misunderstood gatorgod's post. Gatorgod said a woman he spoke to said france was welcoming to the muslims, and were more welcoming than the us. THAT IS WHAT SHE SAID. Then HE said that following the recent attacks carried out by ISIS whether or not the french would still be welcoming to refugees. That is what he was wondering, a perfectly valid question seeing as plenty of people have reservations over this (rightly or wrongly, gatorgod did not make his position known on the matter)That is what SHE said, not gatorgod. Deadname then flew off the handle and said he (gatorgod) was in-sighting violence towards muslims.

    Nitsy defended gatorgod (rightly, as the comment was completely misunderstood) Who started the abuse in a thread which was supposed to be respectful and marking the death of innocent people? You did. It was unacceptable, and the sooner you acknowledge that, the better.

    No-one called me out as you put it in that thread. I said RIP, and I did not abuse anyone.

    Christ, can't believe how difficult this is to grasp for you.
  3. Nwordpassforsale's Avatar

    Me calling someone racist isn't abuse. I'm not gonna apologize for rightfully calling people out. If you don't agree that's fine. Take it or leave it. Not gonna say anything about you actually being racist and denying my heritage tho? Nice.
  4. Nwordpassforsale's Avatar
    I don't need to hold your hand and educate you on racism, Christ.
  5. ThatsAPaddlin's Avatar
    edit: On second thought, I don't have the patience for this. I mean, you think calling someone a white boy is the same as/merits racist replies.
    Updated 11-19-2015 at 05:59 PM by ThatsAPaddlin
  6. goodfella's Avatar
    you callling people dense twice is abuse. but, you know, carry on.

    btw I couldn't give two shits about you're heritage, it doesn't give you some sort of immunity to acting like a whiny, insecure brat.
    @Squeaky Voiced Teen
  7. Nwordpassforsale's Avatar
    So you went from denying my heritage to not caring once I proved you wrong. Funny how that went

    You are being dense. I already told you to read the thread. I have no interest in a debate with you. Don't you think this has gone on long enough?
  8. Sam's Avatar
    lmao ignore list threats. the sign of a man on his last legs re: arguments
  9. sonic dvd 4 the sega cd's Avatar
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