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UK Beatles fans

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the nations favourite beatles song starts at 8pm tonight. on terrestial tv. if you're interested.


  1. The Spruce Moose's Avatar
    Meh, something overrated like Yesterday or Let it Be will win anyway.
  2. Johnny Deformed's Avatar
    No it'll be Hey Jude
  3. Johnny Deformed's Avatar
    the top 3 are hey jude, let it be, and yesterday (not necessarily in that order)

  4. goodfella's Avatar
    hey juuuude

    you're right, its a letdown that such a simplistic song should win, but it is a classic
  5. Johnny Deformed's Avatar
    it's a fucking travesty that i only ever sing ironically to indicate how much of a travesty it is

    why wasn't penny lane #1? something? come together? paperback writer? not fucking hey jude

    i love paul mccartney but he probably got his 80 year old grandma fans to all vote for hey jude. "come on ye know this one!"
  6. parklife's Avatar
    'hey jude' is dope.