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i'm so sick of christian movies...

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OK, I get being religious or not, but come on; there's more out there that's not Christian related and not 'bad' in nature, like swearing, or nudity. It's almost all the same. Person who's an alcoholic/druggie whatever is suddenly turned around and finds God. It's the same story in real life and it plays out the same in almost every movie we watch nowadays.

fun fact: I originally got dad and stepmom to block all TVMA programming and most TV14 programming because they found out I'd been watching South Park, Sons of Anarchy, among other shows...

I may or may not be watching a Christian movie at the time of writing this.


  1. goodfella's Avatar
    christinaity/religion does not = morality

    is what i want to scream at the religious fanatics in your country.
  2. pax's Avatar
    edit: I was being an edgy idiot. Moving on...
    Updated 03-30-2017 at 03:58 PM by pax
  3. kupomog's Avatar
    Isn't this essentially did?
  4. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    I can't quite figure out what this blog means.
    You are an all right guy, but come on. Jesus.
    Updated 10-23-2015 at 04:55 AM by OldSchoolerSimpsons
  5. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    If you can't figure this blog post out then I'll help you. Does God's Not Dead ring a bell?
  6. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    It's the worst piece of shit ever made.

    Seriously, I can't see how even a Christian can defend it. I've never seen the likes of a more bigoted movie.
  7. ThatsAPaddlin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pax-o'-lantern
    Christianity is a cult
    There is a legit cult compound within walking distance of me and you do not know how angry it makes me to hear angsty teens spout this line. No, a major world religion you dislike and disagree with in no way meets the criteria for "cult".