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am i a terrible person

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i mean I know in theory I am because of a lot of the stuff I used to do, but in this particular instance, 'cause I'm curious:

as some of you know from my recent post in the lounge, good ol' Darin lost his apartment and is now living in a trailer with a couple friends.

prior to me leaving, when I went to get my stuff, he gave me my last check, and said that he would put the rest in western union so I could get it, but he was "Too tired" at the time(aka 'too stoned'...).

So, I've been waiting, and it hasn't come, surprise surprise. Hell, prior to yesterday, we haven't really talked since I left.

Well, when he hit me up yesterday, I reminded him of it, asking if he still planned on doing it, and that's what I wanted to know if it made me a terrible person.

I obviously don't NEED the money now or anything, but... be a man of your word, right. I feel kind of bad for asking that after he told me some of what he told me, but it's MY money that he said he'd give me. Chances are he spent it on good old Mary Jane... but he promised, you know? Ah, the days when promises actually meant something...

I'm kind of drifting off my topic but does me asking for MY money make me a terrible person? Not trying to be greedy or kick a man when he's down but technically I'm still owed... just curious, I was going to post this in the lounge but the answer to this seems pretty obvious, I just want to see what others think.


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    You are too easily judging yourself. You are not even close to a terrible person.
    Of course you want your money if he promised you! Why be ashamed of that?
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    You're a great guy. You asking for your isn't greedy. You shouldn't be sad.
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    another fine publication from the sadshack
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    Quote Originally Posted by pkaosboo
    another fine publication from the sadshack
    Saddyshack (not making fun of Walid, just coming up with a terrible pun)