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Aaron's Adventures

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...I'm really one of those people who likes using the same letters in their writings huh. Alliteration I believe is the word for doing that?

Anyway this would be a live-action comedy about a man named Aaron who wants to be a writer; every episode would be a different chapter in whatever book he happens to be writing, depending on the length of the show. The idea would be he is retelling these stories to his kids/grandkids or somebody, i don't know, anyone willing to listen(which is how I feel a lot of the time, honestly...).


  1. Sam's Avatar
    stealin ur idea tbh
  2. Sam's Avatar
    got a script for ep 1

    [ext, THE PARK, aaron is walkin around w/ his hands in his pockets. he has writer's block and is looking around there for ideas]

    aaron: doo doo what to do today.

    [he sees a woman being robbed by a man in a ski mask]

    aaron: uh-oh i should really do something

    [he contemplates doing something or writing about this but then he runs behind an alley and buys some weed]

    aaron: mm weed
  3. Walid's Avatar
    that's an emmy winner right there