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Robot Riley

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back in the day when I ate and breathed simpsons, I was interested in getting into animation. only problem is I suck suck suck at drawing. I was into simpsons so much and one of my best friends was into family guy so much so our desire was to make a show that combined both of their humors. I was more interested in the idea than him. This was my very first show idea, and the one I went furthest on in terms of actual character development and writing scripts. Heck, If I remember correctly, there's a draft of a script on my Facebook from like 4-5 years ago.

Anyway, the initial idea was Robot Randy, until I found out there was an episode of a show called that(Courage the Cowardly Dog). Then, Robot Richard. But I started thinking about the idea again recently and it just makes me so happy and whatnot that I want to pursue it again.

The original idea was this man was so evil and hated that he was gunned down and killed, but his brain was in tact. So, a professor/scientist put his brain inside a robot machine. Now, the man is a functioning robot, who hangs out with a hard-working, nave guy named Matt. Matt doesn't know all about Robot Riley's past and there would be episodes focused on that, and just episodes of them hanging out and whatnot. It would be a comedy-drama, half-hour show. I haven't really given character designs a whole lot of thought, but... I dunno. Like I said, this was my first idea and it's coming back to me and it's making me excited and want to write, so...


  1. Rembrandt Q. Einstein's Avatar
    Would Riley be like Bender or literally evil?
  2. Walid's Avatar
    the idea is he's just a bad guy who got tangled in a bunch of illegal stuff so he was ordered by the mob to be gunned down. a plot arc would be that his real body is unharmed and he goes on a search for it.

    I can't decide if he should be good or bad. thinking good would work
  3. Sam's Avatar
  4. Rembrandt Q. Einstein's Avatar
    I see, I missed the word "original". You've got some good ideas.