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I'm an uncle!

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Hey y'all, my sister Ashley gave birth earlier today to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

I'm such a dork but I'm just so happy for her because she's been pregnant a couple times but both of those were miscarriages and now she's finally a mother. I can't wait to meet my niece.

posting this here because I'm an idiot and don't know how to post pictures on the board so a blog'll do. yay sister.


  1. Rembrandt Q. Einstein's Avatar
  2. Mr. Teenie's Avatar
    Congratulations I'm sure your sister will be an excellent mother.
  3. BloodySimpsonChibi's Avatar
    Very happy for you.
  4. pax's Avatar
    It must be really exciting for both of you, congrats!
  5. Sam's Avatar
    pls dont deal to her
  6. bias's Avatar
    what did ashley call the baby?
  7. Walid's Avatar
    thanks all.

    don't worry candy, i ain't about that life no more.

    her name is Aria Gwendolyn Davis
  8. bias's Avatar
    damn what a name