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#7: clone needs help!

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So I went on the General Statistics Page under the forum actions button at the top

Then in the top left there's this thing that says 'disable' or remove permissions or some shit

And I'm on my tablet. So my thumb hit that instead of something else right below it

Now I can't see the General stats page, when I'd at least like to be able to

Not a huge deal, but if anyone can help me rn before I forget that would be appreciated?

@eric @Ryan

I'll delete this soon.

Sorry this is a weird blog post isn't it.


  1. Ryan's Avatar
    hmmm I can check when I get home later today
  2. The Goode Family's Avatar
  3. Ryan's Avatar
    yup that should fix it
    @c l o n e did that fix it
  4. friendswithsalad's Avatar
    oh nice one
  5. c l o n e's Avatar
    Yep!! Thanks guyzzz
  6. Sam's Avatar
    blogs like this come around rarely