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#6: here's some music because why not

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i barely post any more and it makes me sad (also happy, but also sad) so here's what i've been listening to lately and shit

if this gets traction i might turn it into a thread. i've had a vague idea for a music thread for a while which i've never bothered making which this could all tie into.

click the album covers to listen to a song from them on youtube.


john coltrane - a love supreme
i have been trying for years to get into jazz, and recently in the past 6 months or so something has clicked and now i can't get enough of the stuff (people who know about jazz recommend me good/classic jazz records! i've been relying almost solely on john coltrane for too long). anyhoo, this is the first jazz album that's just 'clicked' with me, apart from art blakey's moanin', perhaps.

jim o'rourke - simple songs
i'm listening to this right now, and i like it a lot. good melodies, something nostalgic and old-fashioned about it. kind of refreshing and cleansing in its *clenches fist* .... simplicity

kamasi washington - the epic
three hours of "epic jazz". i downloaded it like a week ago and only finished it last night. i can't say much about it right now having only listened to it once, but i enjoyed it a lot. definitely reminiscent of coltrane.

the three suns - movin 'n' groovin
instrumental, bluesy r&b pop from the 40s/50s. trunk records had this on sale as part of their 50p fridays yesterday, and while i didn't download the album, i listened to bits on youtube and found it very enjoyable. it's far from an essential record, but it's an interesting novelty... i feel like it would make the perfect, whimsical background music for a radio show over which the presenter can talk with glee.

jenny hval - apocalypse, girl
this is cool. musically it's sort of dreamy/electronic singer/songwriter stuff but the lyrics are quite punchy and snarky which gives it an edge, often quite a comical one in places. it's not immediately appealing, but it's really grown on me. i guess i would ultimately call it "dark baroque pop".

destroyer - destroyer's rubies
this album has been at the been at the back of my head for a while. i loved 2011's kaputt and remember @thief mentioning this album on the board a while back*. anyway i read destroyer was doing a new album so i went back and checked this out. only listened through it once but it's great. i don't really know how to describe it, it's just really good "alternative rock" i guess? dan bejar is a great lyricist and i feel like the tracks here all have a great deal of personality and narrative.

* (to add to this, i remember you recommending some hank mobley record on the board about a year or so ago. i always forget to mention that i downloaded that after you posted it, and really liked it. just thought i'd mention that so you know your efforts weren't completely wasted)

run the jewels - run the jewels
i actually think i prefer this to RTJ2? i'm not sure. it doesn't have the highlights of 2 but it feels more consistent to me. either way, if you like bold, brash and at times political hip-hop, you'll like this.



al green - i'm glad you're mine
love a bit of al green. smooth 'n' funky. lotsa horns. like the horns.

osmar milito - morre o burro, fica o homem
this is just a really cool song?? cool laid back latin pop? please listen to this it has a lot of instant appeal. the kinda song everyone likes. at least for the first few listens (credit to my dj uncle for turning me onto this stuff)

genius/gza - living in the world today
the whole album is classic and a must-have for hip hop fans but this song has been in my head all week.

das racist - commercial
this song is catchy as heck. just listen to it. IT'S 1991 AND THE PARTY IS FUN. IT'S 1992 AND THE PARTY IS YOU etc.


  1. Elliot76's Avatar
    that destroyer album is great!

    (but I do agree kaputt is better)
    Updated 05-23-2015 at 02:44 PM by Elliot76
  2. airalba's Avatar
    You should make it a thread. The blogs are pretty clearly just random nonsense and shitty comics at this point.
  3. parklife's Avatar
    to me, destroyer's rubies is the blonde on blonde of the 2000s because of all the piano and guitar fills, as well as bejar's talky delivery of the (wordy) lyrics. of course, it's a lot more lush sounding because of all the major seventh chords. never got much into kaputt because i don't really like that 'muzak' sound but a lot of destroyer's other albums are great. you should listen to streethawk: a seduction, if only for the song 'the bad arts'.

    a love supreme and moanin' are so great. i can't even fathom the amount of times i've reached for those records over the years. thanks for the mention, by the way - i bet it was soul station that i mentioned (my favourite mobley lp) and i'm glad you liked that too. most stuff on the blue note label from that era is amazing. i highly recommend jackie mclean's jacknife, which is in a similar vein to a love supreme.