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Financial Panther

NHC Mysteries #5: Members who join but never post

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About 97% of members who join never make a single post. Why is this? There's nothing on this board you can only get to as a member. Why go through the trouble of making an account if you never post anything?


  1. Telso's Avatar
    They forget their password.
  2. Jerkass Homer's Avatar
    Because they realize there are actually better things to do then wasting time on a board about a cartoon that stopped being funny 16 years ago.
  3. Egg's Avatar
    Virus users.
  4. Sam's Avatar
    ppl that want to access stuff guests can't
  5. BloodyMonsterChibi's Avatar
    To Spy on us....
  6. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by handsome
    ppl that want to access stuff guests can't
    But I mentioned that. Can't guests access everything regular users can?
  7. Rembrandt Q. Einstein's Avatar
    Apart from the Chatbox.
  8. Sam's Avatar
    they cant see user profiles either among other things
  9. The Goode Family's Avatar
    as a guest you can't read certain blogs. i think in blog settings you can toggle allowing guests to read them
  10. BrokenBox's Avatar
    Most are probably spam accounts
  11. pilcrow's Avatar
    You also can't use the wall as a guest.
  12. pax's Avatar
    With the ones who take time to set up an account and edit it but never post, it goes something like this:

    Random person: Hey, a Simpsons forum! Could be interesting.

    *Signs up*

    Random person: Wait, I have no interest in the Simpsons. What the fuck am I doing here? *logs off*
  13. BloodyMonsterChibi's Avatar
    I wonder if (.)(.)/\/\ can see this
  14. pax's Avatar
    He's a member, so he can.