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Financial Panther

NHC Mysteries #4: The youth movement

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As late as around 2010 or 2011, most members were around 20 years old or even older. But as time has gone on, the site has become increasingly populated by members in their early or mid-teens. What has caused the average age on the site to decrease?


  1. The Monorail's Avatar
    Because The Simpsons is for children
  2. Jerkass Homer's Avatar
    Because i joined thus people wanted to start competing in being younger then me when joining.
  3. Sam's Avatar
    I AM pnpo
  4. pax's Avatar
    More and more younger people are taking an interest in the Simpsons.
  5. Johnny Deformed's Avatar
    People are getting younger
  6. King of Infinite Space's Avatar
    Because most of the older members withered and [I]died.[/I]
  7. Telso's Avatar
    Old people are sick of being cynical, young people want to be cynical.
  8. 1010011010's Avatar
    It's the circle of life man. Out with the old, early HD cynics, in with the new, younger, mid HD cynics.
  9. pilcrow's Avatar
    I predict that in 5 years, the site will be overrun with toddlers and we'll be rebranded as a nursery.