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Dark Homer

Announcing Our New Pay-per-Post Plan

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Quite a number of you have complained about the $14.99 monthly posting fee, which is why I'm pleased to announce our new pay-per-post plan. Starting December 15th, members who haven't paid the monthly fee will be allowed to board for just 25 cents per post, with an extra fee for emoticons. In addition to providing savings to our budget-conscious boarders, we believe this plan will dramatically increase the quality of their posts, so everybody will benefit. More details will be included with your next bill.
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  1. gonzo's Avatar
    do you guys take mastercard?
  2. merzitar's Avatar
    Wait a second, I thought this turned out to be a joke.
    So, I ask, is this real, or is this just a joke gone way too far?
  3. Dark Homer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gonzo
    do you guys take mastercard?
    We take all major credit cards, with the exception of Visa.
  4. friendswithsalad's Avatar
    Can I please see a full price list? How much is the blog feature?
  5. Dark Homer's Avatar
    All the information is in your monthly bill
  6. Steve's Avatar
    Whooo boy, sure am glad moderators are exempt from the fees. I made it in just in time!
  7. bartyboy's Avatar
    So, if paypal is accepted, who do I send payment to?
  8. Revolver's Avatar
    i think there sould be fee cuts for the wealthiest boarders. the money they save should trickle down to the poorer members of the site.