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  1. Sporting Weekend In Review (10/4/2020)

    by , 10-04-2020 at 02:03 PM (The Blog Scrapbook)
    There's not a lot of racing going on today, as F1 is having a week off, but in the meantime we had a moment in the European Karting Challenge, where one of the racers threw his bumper into other racers, on a green track, so that's some racing entertainment, but if karters want to race at that level they should never do that.

    Nascar's race was fun. We had a few wreaks here and there, along with some minor crashes.

    In other news, we had a high scoring game between the ...

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    Racing Weekend In Review
  2. This racing week (F1/Indycar)

    by , 08-30-2020 at 02:17 PM (The Blog Scrapbook)
    I'm bored so I might've well review the races:

    Belgian GP (TBH, I didn't watch it live, but the reviews have not been good)

    Yay, more than 1 retirement!
    That one crash was bad, but it saved the race from eternal boredom
    Mercedes 1-2, Red Bull 3 (again)
    Just a an boring race throughout: The final lap was ok but it was still meh.
    Too predictable

    Overall, an race that can be forgotten. ...

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    Racing Weekend In Review
  3. Vintage Reviews: S6E8 "Lisa On Ice"

    by , 11-17-2014 at 05:49 PM (jiggling your balls)
    Lisa On Ice has been one of my favourites of S6 so far, and this review will thoroughly explain why:
    Let's get started. Kent Brockman's News segment is amusing mainly because he acts like the Death Count meter being at '0' is something to be baffled by. Homer's quote "I like those odds" after hearing of the 75% chance of hilarity made me chuckle. Lisa hitting Bart in the face with a fridge snowball was kind of cruel, and I believe this helps start the tension between the two that's ...

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