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  1. Blogging It Up.

    So NoHomers has a blog. This is blogworthy. In fact, it's bloggin' awesome.

    However, I don't know what to write in the blog. What to blog about? What does a good blog need.

    Gah, blogs are hard. I don't know what to blog about in this blog. This is one worthless piece of blog.


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  2. Blog, eh?

    So this is my new blog at the NHC. What kind of thing do I have to offer? Anything? Are any of you really that interested on my own opinions?

    You know, writing a blog seems like the last thing I would do in Earth. If there's an Internet equivalent to furious masturbation, here it is. You try to catch a bunch of fans with some serious shit nobody else cares about. And what do you expect to get? Nothing more than a "thumbs-up" comment, or a personalized spam service. It looks ...
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