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  1. Chanukah Catastrophe

    by , 12-10-2015 at 10:31 AM (Than Wyenn Memorial Productions)
    Me: I'm servin yam this Chanukah
    @ChickenCoopDude: Fuck yes!
    @assignment216: nice
  2. NHC Masterpiece Theatre Episode 2

    Quote Originally Posted by RyanBurns View Post
    Character Kill Counts

    Homer Simpson - TBA
    Marge Simpson - TBA
    Bart Simpson - TBA
    Lisa Simpson - TBA
    Maggie Simpson -TBA
    Mr. Burns - TBA
    Itchy - 80+
    Scratchy - 4+

    Will be updating soon.
  3. NHC Masterpiece Theatre Episode 4

    Quote Originally Posted by Fat Morbo Goe$ Holywood I View Post
    Not another Pee-wee herman thread!!

    Star Warrs Nothing But star wars notng abut star wars nothing but fun!!1 Do Do Doooo Do Ded DO Ded oo Do Do De Duh Dum Do Do Dee Duh Duh duh duhduh Duh Duh Dee Do Do Duh Duh Da Da Da Da Da Da Doo Doo DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE DE-De DE Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum duh duh dum
  4. NHC Masterpiece Theatre Episode 6

    Quote Originally Posted by Talking Pie View Post
    Let's sing 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' one word at a time!

  5. Google emojis

    Google to offer 13 new emojis that will give better role models for women

    Oh my god its a fucking emojis ffs