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  1. Family Guy Fanscript - Flight of the Griffin

    Flight of the Griffin
    After being fired from the Brewery, Peter takes Quagmire's reccomendation of becoming a pilot, which is all going freakin' sweet until the CIA send an Agent to assasinate Peter for an unknown reason. Meanwhile, Chris has to deal with a gay who has a crush on him.

    (Living Room, Brian and Stewie are watching TV)


    …and now for our new show, The Middle.


    Hey, Mom! I pooped ...
  2. It is raining.

    But what is raining? Is the weather raining? The world raining? The atmosphere raining? The rain raining? What is 'it'?
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  3. My thoughts after watching season 1-6 of The Office for the first time.

    First, I have to say, WOW, what I fantastic show I've been missing. Here are a random assortment of my thoughts of the show (I've read very little about the show on the internet, so I have no idea if I'm in the majority or minority with most of these thoughts) presented in handy bullet point format;
    - Season 1 isn't great. They tried to stick too closely to the original uk office, and it felt like they hadn't really found their own style yet. Michael Scott wasn't likeable, the show wasn't ...

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  4. A copypasta thought.

    This is a comment I made at the ScrewAttack website on a video about the responsibility of video game players to take action to justify and defend their hobby:

    "I... disagree.

    As a video game enthusiast (I refuse to use the isolating and exclusionary term "hardcore" or even "gamer") I have full confidence in my hobby and am comfortable with what I do with it. I have nothing to prove to anyone as I believe video games are a valid media and require ...
  5. I consider myself to have beaten Dead Rising.

    I've had Dead Rising since I got my Xbox 360. I originally played the demo, but of course, the text was too small on an SD CRT. It was very fun. It wasn't the greatest game to play but it was fun, especially on my new fancy-shmancy game system. It is a daunting game. It's not impossible or even extremely hard, it just has a high difficulty with a steep learning curve. It makes me feel like playing hard 8- and 16-bit games that are fun no matter how many times you fail.

    There are several ...