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  1. hi guys

  2. Pyramid of Arguement

  3. Labelling in Politics

    Does anyone else agree that it completely ruins serious debate when you begin to label people as right wing, left wing, conservative, progressive or whatever? It simplifies complicated issues. I'd argue that the majority of people have a mixture of different views and catergorising them as something cheapens the discussion and distracts from the actual point of the debate.
  4. Vote Chloe 2010

  5. MadDog Kirkland's Gruesome Threesome

    The annual Treehouse of horror specials are terror themed spectacles of horrific preportions. Which on is the scariest?

    This episode is truly evil. An evil awful abomination of, well, pardon the redundancy, but HORRIFIC PREPORTIONS. This episode does what none of the others were able to do, for whatever reason: place Sarge Morton, Chris Clements, AND James Purdum on the same list as eachother. ...

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