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  1. Let's Dance

  2. Razor Blades

    I can spend money on non-essentials without much thought. I can purchase a $40 dinner and not think much about it. However, I cannot stand the thought of purchasing more razor blades. I needed to replace my Fusion Blades today, and motherfucker -- these things are ridiculous. 4 blades are nearly $14. FUCK YOU!

    I need a shopping caddy so I can buy the shit that drives me nuts paying for it. I admit it doesn't make much sense paying someone else to do this, but it saves me from ...
  3. Peanuts

  4. YOU... you

    I am going to write a message concerning YOU!

    It might be in the near future, or further down the line. Rest assured I have something to say about YOU!

    Mind you it is not about ME... it's about YOU!

    You have been warned.

  5. sweet post

    Quote Originally Posted by NumberZone View Post
    I just logged in and I must say that the new look of the board seems pretty cool (for instance, the blog feature seems like an interesting addition); but as with all bigger changes, it will take some time to adjust myself to the new NHC. I look forward to the upcoming additions to the board and any new forum skin, but the default one looks good enough.

    The only thing that is a little sad is that the profile pics are pretty small now; they could have been a little bigger, but I think