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    I'll be revising my rankings, as these are 5 months old, so stay tuned!
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    hi cinco, long time no see
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alura
    I love Cartoons! My favorite is "Panty Panic" from woody woodpecker
    Here you go. I added it in the above list.
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    I love Cartoons! My favorite is "Panty Panic" from woody woodpecker
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    We also need the Calendar updated, it's still only go up to 2013.
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    For my 5000, I'm not exactly sure what I am gonna do. I'll mostly decide when I'm at 4500.
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    What you gonna do for your 5,000th?

    For my 10,000th, I'll probably post a video of myself on pornhub and link it to you guys on here.
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    oh hey bmc
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    I'm not a racing fan, but providing critical analysis to a race based on how many crashes it had seems inherently flawed. Shouldn't you be focusing on how well they drove rather than how badly they fucked up? I understand that crashes might be entertaining, but you can't really blame the drivers for not screwing up. They're just doing their best.