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  1. Don't talk about Futurama in public...

    ...Because it will just disappoint you.

    (Hey, look, a blog that I may or may not use in future!)

    I went out to get pizza with a couple co-workers last week, one of which I didn't know very well. The other co-worker knew both of us well, and he introduced the topic of Futurama. He knew that both me and the other guy watch the show.

    ME: "Yeah, Futurama is such an amazing show."
    HIM: "God, I just loved that iPhone episode. That Susan ...
  2. alison brie eating bugs

  3. When bloggers post really short pointless entries but give them stupidly long titles

  4. Let's Dance

  5. Razor Blades

    I can spend money on non-essentials without much thought. I can purchase a $40 dinner and not think much about it. However, I cannot stand the thought of purchasing more razor blades. I needed to replace my Fusion Blades today, and motherfucker -- these things are ridiculous. 4 blades are nearly $14. FUCK YOU!

    I need a shopping caddy so I can buy the shit that drives me nuts paying for it. I admit it doesn't make much sense paying someone else to do this, but it saves me from ...