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  1. When bloggers post really short pointless entries but give them stupidly long titles

  2. Don't talk about Futurama in public...

    ...Because it will just disappoint you.

    (Hey, look, a blog that I may or may not use in future!)

    I went out to get pizza with a couple co-workers last week, one of which I didn't know very well. The other co-worker knew both of us well, and he introduced the topic of Futurama. He knew that both me and the other guy watch the show.

    ME: "Yeah, Futurama is such an amazing show."
    HIM: "God, I just loved that iPhone episode. That Susan ...
  3. Blog This

    I like that you're given the option of blogging your own posts, thus saving me the trouble of ever truly writing an original blog. Instead, I can just plug my best posts. It's going to be awesome.
  4. Username of the Year

  5. cartoon-festival

    For animation-lovers!