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  1. Goddamn, I'm at 2,500 posts already? It seems like a short time ago that I hit 1000, and now we're here. Time Flies.

    September was a slow month, with nothing really happening here, apart from I was now starting to post 40 a day, after coming off my 2nd vacation during my time on the board. I took a 2nd name change for Halloween, as I became Return Of The Living Trab. This still stands as I'm typing, though it may change back to Trab Pu Kcip by the end of the

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  2. To be honest, I kinda lost interest in doing them, but as the Imola GP aired on Sunday, I'll get it out of the way.

    Alright, this was better than last week. It was more closer in gaps and there was more action, more retirements and more drama. I like some moments when someone struggles to get started at the start, he ended up retiring at Lap 9, so turns out it was terminal. The start was one of the better ones of the year, and the race actually had a good midfield battle. I also liked

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  3. Some spoilers here, no surprise here, but the review isn't as long as the more recent ones.

    In all honestly, It was shit. No one retired due to crashes, and the one who did retire (he gave up) was in dead last. Just one in a higher position and for some technical failure would've been nice. The racing was unspectacular for most of it, and to top it all off, what a predictable ending. Mercedes 1-2 and Red Bull 3 again, boy do the rest of the field need to catch up. The gaps are a problem

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  4. Again, for the final time, more spoilers.
    Well, this was a race that had some, but not a lot of action.
    No big crashes, sadly, but plenty of incidents and retirements that shaped the outcome today.

    The Racers:

    Raikkonen made his 323rd race start - but it wasn't a stellar day for the Finn, who accidentally punted Russell into retirement

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  5. More spoilers here, as normal. This covers until the end of the race.

    Lap 33:
    Leclerc gets overtaken by Perez, only for him to reovertake him on the main straight.

    Lap 35:
    Hamilton starts to complain graining, Perez overtakes Leclerc, and Grosjean gets a Black and White flag.

    After that I started to get less interested in the race,

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