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  1. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    adam sandler uses the remote to see a still of the family dinner, and it is a disaster.
  2. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    i just realized how long this movie is and now i want a remote so i don't have to watch it
  3. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    he uses the remote so he doesn't have to take it
  4. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    and now some little girls are spraying adam sandler with water guns and he can't take it
  5. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    adam sandler's wife just invited adam's parents to dinner, and he is not happy about it.
  6. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    adam sandler uses his remote powers to sabotage the brat's catching ability. oh, that adam!
  7. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    the brat is playing catch with adam sandler's son, and he just talked about how bad he is. why do people even hang out with this kid anyway?
  8. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    and now we have a repeat of the coworker asking adam if she can go to bathroom! this movie sure does love reusing jokes, doesn't it?
  9. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    the hoff is leaving adam sandler in charge while he is away. will he be able to handle it?
  10. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    the women are acting really flirty, so i'm assuming the hoff payed them to show him their feet
  11. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    we see the hoff studying women's feet because he is a pervert
  12. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    morty warns adam sandler to be careful with the remote, but we already know he won't.
  13. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    and now we have a repeat of the quarter joke, because that was classic comedy!
  14. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    adam sandler is still grossed out by his parents kissing, but so would i if they kept moaning like seals while they did it.
  15. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    and now we get to see adam sandler's childhood. this is seriously reminding me of grown ups, which is not a good thing.
  16. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    oh, he was just faking it! that's our morty! lol
  17. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    adam sandler is trying to figure out how to unpause morty, lol
  18. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    after this out-of-body experience, adam realizes that he can see any moment from his life as long as he has the remote. imagine this will take up a lot of the movie's run time.
  19. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    apparently adam sandler's parents couldn't tell if he was a boy or a girl because of his small penis. very subtle, movie.
  20. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    adam sandler has accidentally fast-forwarded himself into his mom's vagina. oh no, how is adam going to get out of this one?