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    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa TOCK
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  3. tyler's Avatar
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa TICK
  4. pax's Avatar
    The song of the same name is good af actually
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  9. pax's Avatar
    i thought that was pre funny tbh
  10. pax's Avatar
  11. Sam's Avatar
    doritos are pre good
  12. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    That wasn't a serious review at all and I was mainly cashing in on that whole Egg Council Creep review thread, but yeah that review was kind of cringey.
  13. pax's Avatar
    i get liking cheetos

    doritos, i never will understand the world's obsession with the shit
  14. tyler's Avatar
    hate Doritos because the flavor is poorly distributed and the crunch genuinely gives me headaches

    cheetos alleviate both of these issues imo. love em
  15. pax's Avatar
    i refuse to believe that
  16. Sam's Avatar
    doritos are pretty good
  17. pax's Avatar
    cheetos = tbh
  18. The Goode Family's Avatar
    cheetohs SUCK too
  19. pax's Avatar
    "My first impression with Staind was their name and it immediately made me think of shit staind-underwear and I thought that the quality of this band would be in the same league of underwear with shit stains on it, but they really aren't that bad"

  20. pax's Avatar
    i mean, i just state the obvious without going into much detail. seems like it was written by a robot
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