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    This forum is gud imo
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    Location: current year
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    What's that supposed to mean? Wanna fight bruh
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    Can't believe you're so lazy, Chris.

    Well, actually I can.
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    I aint your mama !!
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    Ugh, can't you just link me the latest post page instead?
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    Just say you cant find him because banned boarders dont appear in the member list instead
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    And I don't think I've even seen him so white light might not even be the exact name wtf do I know
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    There's several usernames here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rehpotsirhc
    Dont be lazy, just look at his last posts to see the problem
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    default is pre aggresively terrible
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    Default is Shit
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    He's anti-semitic and racist. Shit, would even call him a nazi.
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    Also what's the deal with White Light? Seen him mentioned a few times in a bad light but not sure who he is or what he did.
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    Default is the best.