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    His long commentaries are great. Those are always the best episodes.

    You clearly don't understand your audience, pkkao.
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    No, they're good. In fact the shorter episodes are boring. Unless an interesting convo happens in the comments.
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    BMC as your executive producer I'm afraid I gotta take you to task again for those long-winded "commentaries"
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    I can only imagine the notifications he gets.
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    @Financial Panther How can you send these kind of notes and still claim you've made up for the bad things you said? You are a hypocritical, magically stupid, atrocious, bedazzingly selfish, rotten, piece of crap human being. You have loooooooooooong passed the opportunity to be forgiven by anyone other than your own parents, and being addicted to horseshit new Simpsons episodes is no excuse for coming back again and again even after warnings from mods just to bother us with your spectacularly cringeworthily, exhaustingly awful presence.
    Go fucking fuck yourself.

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    I think it refers to the Simpsons joke in his avatar. But yes, it does quite fittingly apply to his undying ego.
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    heh I just noticed his new usertitle

    what a fucking worm
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    But now it will have that ugly "edited by". I hate that.

    Back to the blog though.
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    "Unpleasant member of the human race" is so ironic from who it's coming from tbh
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    It was too big.
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    Why can't I comment an image?
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    Lol, of course you'd agree with that.
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    Somewhat agree. Wouldn't go as far as unpleasant member of the human race though.