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  1. D'ohmer's Avatar
    Love the ride!
  2. Ryan's Avatar
    great thread
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  4. Sam's Avatar
    it's a pretty underwhelming ride
  5. Ryan's Avatar
    Transformers > Simpsons Ride

    I... uh... might have a bias.

    (we had a feud between us)
  6. pilcrow's Avatar
    I've never been on the actual ride, but I've seen the majority of the stock footage from the waiting areas and the actual ride.

    First, it bugs me that the ride itself is animated in 3D, but I doubt you can get all of those cool effects in 2D animation. The writing, whether it's in the Itchy & Scratchy safety video (narrated by Nancy Cartwright) or the random jokes that pop up on the TVs are amusing, but there isn't any gut-bustingly hilarious joke. I'm surprised they got clearance to show Itchy & Scratchy Land on a TV, but if that's the case then maybe I'll intentionally go when the line is longer. It was nice to see Sideshow Bob again, and in an evil role too, and Maggie's minor plot point becoming major.

    I don't know if it's the best ride at Universal (I feel like I should you know, actually ride the thing to make up my mind), but it's a decent production by the Simpsons staff.

    Oh, and congratulations on your graduation.