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    ooh, mine was edited! let's see what it says:

    "General Vintage Pax, or simply known as just pax, is a member who joined 3 October 2014. He is a hypocritical piece of shit, which makes him your average NHC member."

    soooo much salt
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    lol wow
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    The No Homers Club is a site about The Simpsons with an incredibly toxic atmosphere. It is full of self-proclaimed SJWs who are hypocritical in the extreme. They consider themselves to be accepting of minorities, when this is anything but the case. The site is a trademark exhibit of groupthink and shows how opinions change to reflect the ignorant masses. The way to become popular on the board is to ditch the Simpsons section and become a prick who belittles the less popular members. The people do the very things they supposedly decry and refuse to use logic to solve problems, instead resorting to pithy insults that they will take offense to if insulted back. They will chase members they believed to have wronged them to other sites in order to attempt to get members to turn against the other; unfortunately for them, these sites usually have apt moderators who don't let them do this. The members are unaware of how to let things go, even when presented with logic and facts; instead, they will scream at you in lieu of presenting facts on their own, because they lack the intelligence to have problem-solving conversations. It is truly a cesspool of intolerance, hatred, and hypocrisy.
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    Also last one was just because posting it in the thread would just cause more drama. But as an usernote it's kinda unnecessary ai guess. I edited it, I think it just said something about him being bae.
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    I don't hate Ryan. He's an alright dude I guess, but he doesn't seem to like me though.
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    Monkey see, Monkey do
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    yes, he did get the idea from this gif i included at the end of it:

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    You hit the nail on the head!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchoolerSimpsons
    That Chucky usernote in particular feels especially ingenuine.
    Probably because he got the idea of flipping a user off via gif from Pax's epic rant against bomberswarm.
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    there was nothing redeemable about monkey, duder
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    Didn't have that much heart, but his messages are good, and his humor is amusing. 8/10
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    OSS still reviewing users like he reviews movies
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    ok yo
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    There were moments here and there when I kinda liked him (he was mostly himself in the first week), but him trying to act like someone else was really annoying. That Chucky usernote in particular feels especially ingenuine.
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    should have impersonated me. no-one would have noticed, i don't have any real quirks innit
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    he was never himself. he was always a weird combo of users at any given point, and if he was called out for it, hed turn to acting like another user. he also got caught straight up impersonating before, which is why it may not be a shock that 'x' is monkey. kinda doubt it tho
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    Handy and those other people,
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    I never got what the hell he was. He joined and immediately began acting like Handy and those other people, but when he was himself he was fine. Why'd he leave anyway?
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    Evil Monkey was