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  1. Sam's Avatar
    bmc/77x truly the nhc dream team
  2. Sam's Avatar
    the teamup of the century
  3. 77-X-42's Avatar
    What the fuck
    Needs a part 5
  4. 77-X-42's Avatar
    No, part 4. Make
    Updated 02-28-2017 at 03:34 AM by 77-X-42
  5. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    fuk u
  6. 77-X-42's Avatar
    Make part 4
  7. 77-X-42's Avatar
    His right you know,

    Its better to piss in the sink

    Fuck you, I don't want to buy your cereal
  8. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    I don't give a fuck.
  9. tyler's Avatar
    bad blog beemsy
  10. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    What the fuck, BMC

    That's one of the best posts in that thread.
  11. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    pey, the people in this thred gave good reasons why it's a-ok to pee in the shower and you just say it's a place to get clean. this is dark homer levels of posting.
  12. pilcrow's Avatar
    that's one of my greatest posts ever

    delet this
  13. Sam's Avatar
    not even a little
  14. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    this is important tho
  15. Sam's Avatar
    are u kiddin me w this Unpresidented level of duks s9 snubbin
  16. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    also explain ur thumb mr @OldSchoolerSimpsons
  17. BuyMyCereal's Avatar
    sick and timely reply
  18. 77-X-42's Avatar
  19. Telso's Avatar
    Good job
  20. Grifty McGrift's Avatar
    Have thought of making my username Truth Teller before, since I'd prefer my name to be a Simps ref.