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    You know I used to think you were a cool dude, but now i've seen these changes i'm liking you less and less. I've lost all respect for you Andre.
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    as always, please remember the rules:

    Quote Originally Posted by peyrin
    Please do not criticize OSS in my blog comments, thanks.
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    Now thats Woke
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    shut up cracker
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    Mocking white people is the worst form of racism!!!
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    Never forget that this is the guy who misgenders his siblings so this isn't surprising at all

    Also lol @ "stop hating on him already", like that helps anything. It really just makes me wanna punch Seth in the teeth even harder.
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    @soy boy santa destroyed
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    It's probably the most sympathetic portrayal of a transexual [sic] character that has ever been on television, dare I say."
    If I found out that I had slept with a transsexual, I might throw up
    Dunno about you but I feel more sympathetically portrayed already!
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    god that last post in the thread i am fuckin dead
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    @mods start one
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    hall of fame worthy, if this worthless site had one of those
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    thread is still gold
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    feminist? you mean oss is a loving man who appreciates all genders, binary or none and surely doesn't discriminate on anyone. he is the purest essence of woke
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    its been edited
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    dre we've talked to you about this already, god emperor oss does not approve of such remarks
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    @Andre baseless insults are not welcome in my blog. Reported.
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    oss fighting the good fight

    praise seth macfarlane
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    oss is a homophobe feminist